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Culture Curator,

DEI Strategist, & Consultant

“Being transparent is the most effective way to communicate and you did that...thank you!”

I curate unique experiences that bridge cultural gaps and allows organizations to live the truths expressed in their mission and vision.

“Shantera’s presence was empowering; the way she carries herself as a speaker…so much excellence & grace.”

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Each workshop Shantera offers covers a fundamental aspect of doing the critical work of an ally by challenging participants to be transparent; deeply listen to stories different than their own; and co-create action plans that are reflective of the changes that are desired within their organization.

The Transformative Ally Framework is about changing lives one experience at a time. Its contents apply to anyone that may have a differing opinion than you. Understanding, empathy and compassion are key to becoming a great ally.

About the Book


Be sure to check out Shantera's Ally in Action Interview Series!

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Transforming organizations and driving accountability through curated experiences that bridge the cultural gap between advocacy, support, and coexistence.

Shantera has over 20 years of experience in various industries such as Aerospace, IT and Oil & Gas. She weaves her experiences into powerful stories and interactive activities that make her a sought-after speaker, thought leader, and consultant.

Shantera in the Media

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